Lido 2 by Orphan Espresso Review

Orphan Espresso’s Lido 2 and Lido 3 hand grinders are two extremely well designed high quality grinders. They’re hefty pieces of kit, and come at a price to match.

In the Lido 2 box you get the grinder itself, with a glass catch jar which screws on the bottom. It also comes with a rubber stand to rest on when it’s on your counter top, and an anti-static brush to keep it clean with. A small screwdriver is supplied so you can undo the hex screws and dismantle the entire thing, if you want to. The fineness of the grind can be adjusted by screwing (finer) or unscrewing (coarser) the lower ring, then moving the smaller ring down to lock it in place. If you’ve read any reviews from when the Lido 2 first came out you’ll know that some people had problems with these adjustment rings locking up. To help prevent this, the Lido 2 now comes with two washers: one to go between the two rings, and one to go between the adjustment ring and the catch jar. Mine came pre-installed but you may have to put these in yourself.

I can’t really stress enough how well constructed this thing is. If someone broke into my house while I was standing in my dressing gown grinding my morning coffee, I think I’d stand a decent chance of being able to knock them out with a single well placed blow from the Lido 2. This grinder is a serious bit of engineering, and it shows.

Lido 2 Italian burrs vs. Lido 2 / Lido 3 Swiss burrs

One of the first things I noticed when I unpacked my Lido 2 was that it came with the 48mm Swiss burr set from the Lido 3 rather than the 48mm Italian burrs I was expecting. At some point the Italian burrs are going to be phased out altogether, but for now “non-USA sellers may have Lido 2 w Swiss burrs or may have italian, ONLY USA is only Lido 2 w Italian Burrs” according to Orphan Espresso on Twitter.

I bought my Lido 2 from, who have since updated their website to correctly list the burrs as the Swiss ones (although they have incorrectly stated that they’re 40mm rather than 48mm). Otherwise though, if you mind which burr set you get, you might want to check which it is whoever you’re buying from has. Unless you’re really really pedantic, the only difference you’ll care about between the two burr sets is that Swiss is less aggressive than the Italian. It therefore takes slightly more turns (i.e. it takes slightly longer to grind the beans) with slightly less effort.

The Swiss burrs in the Lido 2Which burr set is best for you is going to be down to personal preference. Both give good results. If you’re into third wave coffee, which tends to favour lighter roasted and therefore harder to grind beans, you’ll probably be better off with the Swiss burrs. Likewise it takes more effort the finer you want the ground coffee to be, so if you’re thinking about grinding for espresso requiring less turning force might be advantageous.

Lido 2 vs. Lido 3

The Lido 3 grinders all come with the Swiss burrs. Additionally you get a much lighter grinder with a folding handle, the new knob design, an anti-static plastic catch jar rather than the glass, a travel pouch, and a popper stopper. The Lido 3 is essentially a refined version of the Lido 2 with a focus on portability. All the parts between the Lido 2 and the Lido 3 are interchangeable, and quite a few bits can be bought separately as replacement parts. I went for the Lido 2 over the Lido 3 primarily because I prefer the way it looks, and I’ve no intention of ever taking it out the house. It’s also slightly cheaper.

Update: I’ve just put together a quick comparison table of the Lido 2 vs. Lido 3, here.

Lido 2 vs. Porlex Mini

It’s worth mentioning that the Swiss burrs are still very quick. For a like-to-like comparison to my other grinders I ground 14 grams of supermarket (a reasonably dark roast) beans for espresso with my Lido 2. It took me 30 seconds to chew through them, compared to the 2 minutes it took me with my Porlex mini. I have none of the same complaints or reservations about the Lido 2 as I did about the Porlex; it really is a completely different beast in both overall feel and in build quality. The only thing it does less well is portability, and for that Orphan Espresso have released the Lido 3.


The Lido 2 next to the Porlex MiniI’m very happy with my Lido 2, and the upgrade from the Porlex has absolutely been worth it. Not only is it quicker, but it’s also nicer to use. And while I haven’t done a full comparison of the grind quality yet, the coffee it makes is better for sure. For espresso I’m more accurately able to achieve the fineness I want and for my cafetière it gives a more consistent particle size, resulting in less sludge and a more even extraction.



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