Lido 2 vs. Lido 3 Comparison

Logo of Orphan Espresso, the company behind the Lido 2 and the Lido 3There have been a few hits on my review of the Lido 2 hand grinder from people who were after a comparison between the Lido 2 vs. Lido 3. Not a huge number, but enough that I thought I would give the topic its own post (and a nice big table). Orphan Espresso have a page to help you decide which Lido grinder is best for you as well, so take a look at that too if you still can’t decide.

Both grinders perform well and fit slightly different needs, Orphan Espresso “view the LIDO 2 as a home grinder that can travel, and the LIDO 3 as a travel grinder that can serve at home”. Many of the Lido 2 and 3 parts are interchangeable with each other and are available separately directly from Orphan Espresso, and I’ve indicated this on the table.

Lido 2 vs. Lido 3 comparison table

Lido 2 Lido 3 Parts Availability
Weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) 1.052 kg (2.3 lb)
Burrs Italian or Swiss, see [1] Swiss Neither available separately
Handle Non-folding Folding Neither available separately
Knob Nylon Plastic w/ silicone cover, see [2] Silicon knob available for $7.50
Popper stopper Not included, see [3] Included Available for $9.50
Catch jar Borosilicate glass Anti-static plastic, see [4] Glass available for $3.50
Anti-static for $12.50
Carry case Not included Included Lido 2 case available for $9.50
Stand / Base Included Not included Available for $7.50

[1] Depending on where you buy it from. In the future all Lido 2 grinders will have the Swiss burrs, but for now “non-USA sellers may have Lido 2 w Swiss burrs or may have italian, ONLY USA is only Lido 2 w Italian Burrs”. I talked about the differences in the burrs more in my Lido 2 review, and Orphan Espresso talk about them on their Lido 2 vs. Lido 3 comparison page too.

[2] The plastic and silicone knob is softer and more freely spinning. It’s also slightly larger. I can’t say I’ve had any problems with the knob my Lido 2 came with but I gather that this is a noticeable improvement.

[3] The Lido 2 has an open top by default. Apparently some people have problems with beans making a break for freedom, popping out of the top of the hopper. I’ve had this happen once or twice.

[4] There is some static with the glass jar, but it quickly dissipates. I use the little anti-static brush which both grinders come with to knock the grinds free from the side of the jar. Borosilicate glass is pretty hardy, but for travel plastic is probably better!



  1. Hi, I’m worried that the Lido 3 might be too big for me to take to work (specifically to customer sites). Is it difficult to pack in your bag and if so would you recommend anything as good which is a little smaller?

    1. I’ve heard good things about the Made by Knock Hausgrind, which is a little smaller, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet. The Lido 3 isn’t particularly challenging to get into a bag (the folding handle helps) but that rather depends on how big your bag is! Rucksack, no problem. Laptop bag… maybe, maybe not…

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